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AromaEase Essential Oil Blend

AromaEase Essential Oil Blend


AromaEase™ essential oil blend—a combination of Peppermint, Spearmint, Ginger, Cardamom, and Fennel—creates an aroma that is minty, sweet, and soothing and offers support during times of uneasiness in daily life or when you are traveling.


5 ml bottle


    • Has a minty, sweet, soothing aroma

    • Comforting and soothing when applied to the abdomen

    • A great travel companion for a soothing, comforting experience


    • Diffuse AromaEase at home, around the office, and in your car to create a calming and soothing aromatic environment. 

    • Apply AromaEase topically on your neck, shoulders, or abdomen for a refreshing sensation and soothing aroma.

    • Inhale it from the bottle to create a personal aromatic sanctuary when encountering strong, offensive odors in crowded, bumpy airplanes or trains.

    • Diffuse it in your car during long rides or road trips to refresh and revitalize.

    • Diffuse or apply it topically during times of uneasiness.

    • Diffuse and breathe in the aroma for support when experiencing the feeling of nervous butterflies in your stomach.

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