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Dream Catcher Essential Oil Blend

Dream Catcher Essential Oil Blend


Dream Catcher™ essential oil blend combines 17 essential oils to create an aroma that may awaken creative thoughts and enhance dreams and visualizations, promoting greater potential insight for realizing your dreams and staying on your path.


15 ml bottle


    • Has a grounding, calming aroma

    • Formulated with an aroma to enhance dreams and visualizations, stimulating emotional creativity

    • Has a pleasing aroma that enhances an aura of positive thoughts and energy


    • Apply Dream Catcher topically on your forehead, ears, and neck to gear up for a day of pursuing your dreams.

    • Use it during meditation or yoga practice to promote feelings of inner strength.

    • Diffuse it to create an environment that is spiritually grounding.

    • Use it in your nightly regimen combined with Lavender, ImmuPro™, or SleepEssence™ to enjoy a restful evening.

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