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Grounding Essential Oil Blend

Grounding Essential Oil Blend


Grounding™ essential oil blend is a unique combination of White Fir, Black Spruce, Ylang Ylang, Pine, Cedarwood, Angelica, and Juniper. It complements feelings of stability, clarity, and spirituality with its entrancing aroma that can create an atmosphere for finding self-awareness.


5 ml bottle


    • Provides an empowering and grounding aroma that can encourage professional confidence and drive

    • A foundational oil blend in creating an overall healthy perspective to life

    • A balancing aroma of essential oils that supports grounded overall well-being


    • Diffuse or apply it topically as you stabilize and ground your day and work to cope with life’s daily challenges.

    • Apply Grounding topically to promote feelings of confidence and clarity.

    • Diffuse or apply it topically to experience its powerful aroma that creates a relaxing, calming, and comforting atmosphere.

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