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Hinoki Essential Oil, Single

Hinoki Essential Oil, Single


Hinoki essential oil has been used historically for refreshing the soul and is used to create a calm ambiance that can help increase intuitive awareness.


5 ml bottle


    • Has a light, woodsy, citrus-like scent

    • Can support feelings of spiritual awareness

    • Is a great complement to a post-workout massage


    • Diffuse Hinoki at work, school, or while studying for a calming aroma.

    • Add it to your bath to create a peaceful atmosphere.

    • Use it with massage after exercise for a soothing, relaxing experience.

    • Diffuse or apply it topically during meditation for a relaxing aroma that can increase deeper introspection.

    • Use it in your daily skin care routine to support the appearance of healthy-looking skin.

    • Apply topically before enjoying outdoor activities

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