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ImmuPower Essential Oil Blend

ImmuPower Essential Oil Blend


ImmuPower essential oil blend combines Hyssop, Mountain Savory, Cistus, Camphor, Frankincense, Oregano, Clove, Cumin, and Dorado Azul and has a sharp, powerful aroma offering support for a healthy lifestyle especially during season changes. The name says it all.


15 ml bottle


    • Has an earthy, rich, herbaceous aroma

    • A sharp, powerful blend

    • The name says it all


    • Diffuse 8─20 drops for an aroma that inspires feelings of strength and calm.

    • Enjoy this powerful aroma aromatically and topically as part of your healthy lifestyle.

    • Diffuse ImmuPower to clear the air of odors and make your home feel like a fresh haven.

    • Diffuse 8─20 drops during seasonal changes.

    • Apply ImmuPower around the navel, chest, temples, nose, back, or Vita Flex points on feet.

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