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Laurus Nobilis Vitality Oil

Laurus Nobilis Vitality Oil


Laurus Nobilis Vitality contains antioxidants, offers cleansing properties, and may provide immune support. In addition, it can be subsituted for whole bay leaves to enhance the flavor of meat and vegetable dishes and soups.*


5 ml bottle


    • Has a robust herbal flavor

    • Enhances many dishes, from soups to sauces

    • Contains antioxidants*

    • Offers cleansing properties*

    • May provide immune support*


    • Use it as a seasoning for soups, sauces, marinades, stews, and pickles

    • Dilute with a carrier oil in a vegetable capsule and take as a dietary supplement

    • Add 2 drops to hot water and enjoy before or after meals for Laurus Nobilis Vitality’s cleansing properties

    • Add it to your favorite green juice or smoothie to help support your immune system.*

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