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Marjoram Vitality Oil

Marjoram Vitality Oil


Marjoram Vitality™ essential oil has a delicious herbal flavor and may support the digestive system when taken internally.*


5 ml bottle


    • Has a savory herbal flavor that enhances soups, stews, vegetables, meats, marinades, dressings

    • Contains antioxidants*

    • May provide general wellness support*

    • May provide digestive support when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle regimen*

    • May provide immune support*


    • Add 1 - 2 drops of Marjoram Vitality to a vegetable capsule and take as a dietary supplement to support the digestive and immune systems*

    • Infuse a bottle of extra virgin olive oil with a drop of Marjoram Vitality to elevate salad dressings, marinades, and bread dips

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