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Melissa Essential Oil, Single

Melissa Essential Oil, Single


Melissa essential oil has a fresh, lemony-herbal aroma that helps to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere in your space. In addition, this precious essential oil can be applied topically to beautify skin and reveal your natural radiance.


5 ml bottle


    • Has a fresh, lemony herbal aroma

    • Steam distilled at the St. Marie's Lavender Farm and Distillery in St. Marie's, Idaho

    • Can be inhaled or diffused to create a calm and soothing environment

    • Beautifies skin when applied topically


    • Apply topically or diffuse at bedtime to set the stage for a restful evening.

    • Take a moment out of your busy day to inhale this soothing aroma as you prepare for a meeting or presentation.

    • Add to your facial essence, serum or moisturizer for its skin beautifying benefits.

    • Apply to the neck, shoulders, crown, and ear lobes while you enjoy a warm bath.

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