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Nutmeg Essential Oil, Single

Nutmeg Essential Oil, Single


Nutmeg essential oil has a warm, spicy aroma that is energizing and uplifting. Taken internally, it contains antioxidants, may support cognitive function and the immune system, and offers cleansing properties.*


5 ml bottle


    • Has a warm, spicy aroma

    • Offers an energizing and uplifting aroma when diffused or inhaled

    • Can be applied topically for a refreshing breathing experience

    • Can be used to soothe tired muscles following physical activity


    • Inhale or apply topically to the chest for an invigorating breathing experience

    • Apply by massage topically to soothe muscles after activity

    • Add to Thieves toothpaste or Thieves Mouthwash to freshen breath

    • Apply diluted to abdomen and feet

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