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Palo Santo Essential Oil, Single

Palo Santo Essential Oil, Single


Palo Santo, a highly revered essential oil in South America, translates from Spanish as "holy wood" and is traditionally used to elevate the mind and purify the air. It comes from the same botanical family as frankincense and is often used in meditation for its inspiring aroma that can evoke positive influences. Palo Santo can be diffused at home during the rainy season or used outdoors to keep unwanted annoyances at bay.


5 ml bottle


    • Has an alluring, woodsy aroma

    • Creates a grounding, calming environment when used aromatically

    • Evokes positive influences with its inspiring aroma

    • Can be paired with massage for its warm, refreshing scent

    • Can be used to enjoy the outdoors annoyance free


    • Rub 1 drop of Palo Santo plus 1 drop of carrier oil between your palms for an inspiring scent as you work on your goals.

    • Before your yoga practice, apply a few drops of Palo Santo onto your mat for a grounding and calming aroma.

    • Tell fatigued muscles “knot today.” Blend Palo Santo with V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex for an uplifting post-workout massage.

    • Diffuse Palo Santo with Frankincense or Myrrh while you take a moment to sit quietly and reflect.

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