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Parsley Vitality Oil

Parsley Vitality Oil


Parsley Vitality contains antioxidants, offers cleansing properties, and may provide general wellness support. In addition, it can be used to add a fresh herbal flavor to seafood, poultry, and more.*


5 ml bottle


    • Has a fresh herbal flavor reminiscent of fresh parsley

    • Contains antioxidants*

    • Offers cleansing properties*

    • Freshens breath

    • May provide general wellness support*


    • Dilute with a carrier oil in a vegetable capsule and take as a dietary supplement

    • Add to your favorite green smoothie to enjoy Parsley Vitality’s cleansing properties*

    • Use as a seasoning to balance and brighten seafood, poultry, meat, and eggs, as well as rice, pasta, and vegetable dishes.

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