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Retrograde Crystal Set

Retrograde Crystal Set



Venus in retrograde is all about relationships.  Rhodonite guides compassion and balances emotions, Ruby Fuchsite aids loving and positive growth, and Emerald is a symbol of truth guiding the heart.



Saturn in retrograde encourages us to look deeper into our personal connections.  Apache Tear helps us to remove toxic connections and relationships, Hematite gives us opportunity to ground and process our next moves, and Garnet encourages the love and friendships that are truly healthy.



Uranus in retrograde is all about inner work and transformations.  Serpentine helps remove cloudiness and blocks from the Chakras, Red Tiger Eye protects us while we're in a vulnerable state, and Prehnite is the stone of the heart and healing the healer.



Mars in retrograde rules our energy levels - delaying productivity and causing lethargy.  Sunstone invigorates our Solar Plexus (reigniting our inner fire), Red Jasper grounds the Root chakra (bringing stability and focus), and Snowflake Obsidian brings flow back to the Sacral chakra (releasing spiritual weights to allow emotional flexibility).



Mercury in retrograde can cause confusion, delay and frustration.  Labradorite can assist in realigning focus to relieve uncertainity, Black Tourmaline grounds and stabilizes the mind, and Blue Tiger Eye protects the Third Eye and the aura from unintended psychic attacks.



Jupiter in retrograde is all about motivation and inspiration.  Moonstone allows us to see life progress into new phases and new opportunities, Tree Agate does the same but through our own personal growth, and Pyrite ignites passion, motivation, and inspiration to aim for bigger.



Neptune in retrograde gives a lot of focus into spiritual exploration and confronting illusions.  Pink Botswana Agate promotes spiritual maturity, Bloodstone is a stone of cleansing on a physical level, and Petrified Wood dissolves illusions and emotional fear.

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