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RutaVaLa Essential Oil Blend

RutaVaLa Essential Oil Blend


RutaVaLa™ essential oil blend is formulated with Rue (Ruta), Valerian, and Lavender essential oils and has a relaxing and calming aroma that brings back a feeling of peace and tranquility. Use it during your evening routine to help you wind down after a long day.


5 ml bottle


    • Has an earthy, grounding aroma

    • Has a calming, soothing aroma

    • Contains the powerful, calming properties of linalool


    • Apply RutaVaLa before bedtime as part of your night time routine.

    • Massage it into your neck and shoulders to unwind and decompress after a long day.

    • Apply it to the crown chakra for its balancing, tranquil aroma.

    • Apply RutaVaLa topically and let its aroma lull your mind into a sense of comfort.

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