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White Angelica Essential Oil Blend

White Angelica Essential Oil Blend


White Angelica™ essential oil blend is a special formulation of 10 essential oils in a carrier oil that envelopes the body in a nurturning aroma of protection and positivity that nutralizes negative energies and gives you a feeling of wholeness.


5 ml bottle


    • Has a sweet, warm, floral fragrance

    • May help increase feelings of confidence and positivity

    • May create a peaceful, comforting environment

    • Enhances the appearance of healthy-looking skin when applied topically


    • Apply White Angelica topically to your wrists, neck, and heart to enjoy its nurturing aroma.

    • As part of Gary Young’s Good Day Protocol, apply 2 drops to your shoulders daily to enjoy White Angelica's peaceful, nurturing aroma.

    • Apply it before providing the Raindrop Technique® or other massage or body-work treatment.

    • Use it during yoga or meditation to create a positive and comforting atmosphere.

    • Use it with Young Living’s ART® Light Moisturizer for skin-beautifying benefits.

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