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Xiang Mao Essential Oil, Single

Xiang Mao Essential Oil, Single


Xiang Mao essential oil is known as “the aromatic grass of rapid enlightenment,” and is used to freshen household air, support exercise recovery and moisturize the skin.


5 ml bottle


    • Fresh, citronella-like aroma

    • Grows at 1,000 feet in elevation in the mountains of Taiwan

    • Perfect natural additive to skincare and haircare products


    • Diffuse this lemony aroma for peaceful feelings of reinforcement*

    • Add to your Thieves Cleaner to uplift the aroma in your home.

    • Add to your moisturizer to smooth dry knees and elbows.

    • Diffuse during your meditation and yoga practice to enlighten the mind.

    • Dilute and apply for recovery after your workouts.

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