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Intention Jars

Intention Jars


Each intention jar contains a shell, crystals (list below), and ocean sand.  The sand is a call to awaken your inner blocks (the million things that make up your life) and find the beauty that is your creation.



Black Tourmaline for protection against emf's and electronics

Smoky Quartz to protect the aura from outside negativity

Labradorite to protect against psychic attacks

Hematite is good for grounding and protect from ones own negativity



Gold Sheen Obsidian to let go of the past and prepare for a brighter future

Garden Quartz to grow and adapt from where you've been

Malachite to empower the heart and give it strength



Green Aventurine to encourage new opportunities

Pyrite to build motivation to take action

Yellow Fluorite to build trust in one's intuition to find the proper path


Letting Go:

Selenite to cleanse away attachments and any stagnant energy

Amazonite to heal the heart and throat to build confidence to move forward

Howlite to purify the mind of any self-doubt


Divine Feminine:

Moonstone to boost Yin/Feminine energies

Rose Quartz to enhance self-love

Strawberry Quartz to boost the heart and the intuition to align with one another

Charoite to ground the crown chakra so universal exploration is possible without getting lost in the clouds



Tiger Eye to build confidence in one's own abilities

Rutilated Quartz to encourage strength

Prehnite to strengthen the heart


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