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Purpose Crystal Set

Purpose Crystal Set


Each set includes 3 crystal tumbles, crystal information card, and bag.


Divine Masculine energy is correlated to our inner strength and sense of purpose.  Citrine clears away negative attachments dissolving toxic masculinity.  Lapis Lazuli is a stone of sense and understanding giving thought before action.  Sunstone encourages us to burn bright much like the Sun itself.


Independence is important for standing for our choices and beliefs.  Garnet is a powerful piece for grounding and encouragement.  Moss Agate helps us to grow and explore our options.  Dumortierite helps boost the side of us that aims for the future ahead.


Divine Feminine energy is correlated to our emotions and our sense of flow.  Orange Calcite encourages us to create with our emotions.  Rhodonite grounds our hearts so we don't lose ourselves to another.  Pink Aventurine amplifies the loving energy it has to offer us and that we carry in our hearts.


Letting Go is important to move forward because the past can hold us back.  Ruby Fuchsite heals the heart of any grieving and pain of loss felt.  Apache Tear releases us from what use to be .  Selenite cleanses away the past allowing for a fresh start.


Change and Transformation are important aspects of spiritual growth but it can be difficult to know how.  Blue Lace Agate opens our minds and voices to allow truth to flow through.  Serpentine treats our auras as snakes and allows us to shed away the old.  Tree Agate gives us sturdy roots to support us as we branch out.


Prosperity comes in several forms and can often require extra motivation from the receiver.  Green Aventurine uses the Quartz to amplify the prosperity in Mica.  Pyrite boosts our determination and motivation to take the chances needed.  Emerald shows us the joy of aiming for new opportunities.


During our journeys we often need Protection from negative influences around us.  Dragon Bloodstone gives strength to defend against attacks.  Labradorite protects against psychic attacks.  Bloodstone acts as a spiritual purifier.


*Any information presented is not to be used as a substitute for medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis.

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